Las Vegas: Sin City in All It's Splendor

Las Vegas, the player's town—an exciting place, wild and weird and always moving, where at night the Strip shines brighter than day anywhere else. Vegas is a land of glitter and illusion, a web spun out of neon. A city that glamorous and thrilling on the surface, but lurid and seedy once you scratch the paint. Old money, power and grudges. A city that will suck the life out of you.

Las Vegas is a city of dreams and aspirations, of wild success stories, miraculous luck — and abysmal failure. For every gambler who wins, a hundred lose. and for every gambler who risks it all and becomes rich, many more bet it all and walk away with nothing. Some of the year-round gamblers keep permanent rooms in the larger hotels and live like kings. Others sleep where they can and live from stake no stake, subsisting on the free food the larger casinos supply to players. Tourists see only the bright lights and excitement, the chance to have some fun, see some shows and maybe win some money. But those who live in Vegas see the other side the loss, the frustration, the depression, the resignation that comes only after years of failure. Even the most successful gamblers feel this undercurrent and recognize it as their own future—the odds always favor the house, and sooner or later everybody falls. That one math gives Vegas its air of total abandon—if you don't enjoy things tonight, they might be gone tomorrow.


The Ins and Outs

Vegas is an extremely easy city to visit, since nearly 600 daily flights arrive and depart from McCarran International Airport (at the south edge of town, near the end of the Strip). Bus and train service abounds, and two major highways (US 95 and 15) intersect just north of the downtown area. Hotels and casinos run package deals with the airlines and bus services, providing inexpensive transportation and lodging.

The Strip

The major street in Las Vegas is Las Vegas Boulevard, which runs from end to end through the center of the city. But all that most people know of Vegas — or care to know - is the Strip, the three mile section starting at the Convention Center in the middle of town and running south to the edge of the city. Most of the major hotels and casinos are located on the Strip, as are most of the shows and revues. The main attractions include:

Caesar’s Palace


This Roman-style resort sparked Vegas’s ongoing competition of thematic one-upmanship, with its statue of Caesar out front and its miniature Roman city, the World of Caesar, filled with costumed gladiators and elegant shops. A statue of Bacchus provides the finishing touch, delighting visitors by “coming to life” every hour on the hour.

The Luxor


This 30-story golden pyramid revisits the wonders ancient Egypt. In addition to the casino itself, the Luxor features it miniature Nile rivet that guests can travel in small boats. Each night. a beam of light shoots from the pyramid's tip up into the heavens, lighting the way for the spirits of the pharaohs. Well according to the brochures, anyways.

New York-New York


One of the newer and currently the tallest hotel on the Strip. New York-New York is a miniature Manhattan complete with a 150-foot tall Statue of Liberty and 300-foot long Brooklyn Bridge. Kine visitors can stroll through Central Park, ride a roller coaster around Coney Island or just enjoy a slice of New York pizza.



As its name suggests, the theme of this hotel is the city of Paris in France; it includes a half scale of the Eiffel Tower, a sign in the shape of the Montgolfier balloon, a two-thirds size Arc de Triomphe, and a replica of La Fontaine des Mers.

Treasure Island


Treasure Island is a Caribbean pirate island hotel with simulated pirate naval battles every 90 minutes (in the man-made Buccaneer Bay). Of course. because it's Las Vegas, the pirates always defeat the navy ships arrayed against them. Guests can play arcade games in Mutiny Bay or watch the world-famous Cirque de Soleil perform nightly.

The Bellagio


This hotel is known for the large fountains in front of it, which give a choreographed show every night. Other amenities include botanical gardens within the hotel.

To the Kindred of Las Vegas, this hotel is notable because it is where Prince Benedic resides and holds court.



Perhaps the most distinguishing amenity at the MGM Grand is a glass-sided lion habitat inside the casino area, in which up to six lions are shown every day. A see-through tunnel runs through the habitat for close-up viewing.

The Mirage


With a huge volcano out font, this hotel is to miss. After dark, the volcano erupts every 15 minutes. Inside the Mirage is a tropical rainforest complete with simulated waterfalls and thousands of flowers. Sharks. dolphins and white tigers reside inside the hotel, each in their appropriate environments.

Mandalay Bay


One of the newest casinos on the strip, this visually distinctive casino gets its look from having gold leaf on every one of it's windows. As a result it's windows are all one-way as a result. Visiting vampires with the appropriate resources are keen to set up shop in a room in this hotel, as any attempts to sun-proof cannot be seen from the street.

Planet Hollywood


This hotel is themed around the Hollywood and the film industry. In addition to the usual casino, bars and restaurants, this hotel also houses one of the strips largest shopping malls.



This casino is actually located a ways off the strip, but has become a popular tourist destination nonetheless, especially among the city's younger visitors, especially due the presence of the Playboy club at this hotel. During Spring Break, the casino's population of drunk college seniors almost rivals that of Cancun or Lake Havasu.

The Venetian


The Venetian is themed on the city of Venice, and is especially notable for its shopping area, St. Mark's Square at the Grand Canal Shoppes. This plaza is made to look like it is outdoors, and includes a gondola which will carry patrons for a small fee. It also has a ceiling painted to look like the sky on a bright summer day, and more than one nostalgic Kindred have been known to linger in this area, trying to recapture what it was like to see the sun while human.

Freemont Street Experience


Five blocks of downtown Las Vegas have been transformed into a pedestrian mall. A massive space frame towers over four of the blocks. The flame sparks to life each night, with 2.1 million lights and 540.000 watts of sound and music.

The Other Side

Just as the Strip shines brighter than any other city block, its shadow looms darker by contrast. Las Vegas Boulevard leads to downtown Vegas, toward the northern end of town, where the smaller hotels and the city's government and non-tourist services reside. The Las Vegas branch of University of Nevada (known as UNLV) is also situated to the north end, between Las Vegas Boulevard and Maryland Parkway. All around Las Vegas Boulevard lies the rest of Vegas, where the city's real residents live — where there are laundromats, grocery stores, post offices and bookstores. This is where the bartenders and croupiers and waitresses and singers go when they aren't working.

Choose Your Poison

In Vegas, you can get anything you want, if you have the money. Prostitution is legal, so hookers and “escorts” do business openly in brothels (this does mean however, that you'll have a harder time finding streetwalkers for feeding). Alcohol is everywhere, and the casinos usually provide free drinks as long as you continue gambling. Drugs are not dealt quite so openly. but they are available, and often the hotel maitre d’ can put a curious patron in contact with a supplier. Shops. some public and others not, cater to every fetish or fascination, from exotic pets to unusual foods to antiques to adult toys. In general, anything goes in Las Vegas, as long as it doesn't hurt business and the cops don't see you doing it.

Kindred Society in Las Vegas

Even with so much leeway, the Kindred of Las Vegas still adhere to a definite structure.

Prince Benedic owns three of the Casinos on the strip: the Bellagio, the MGM, and the Mirage. The entirety of all three casinos are considered Elysium. You are allowed to feed and conduct business in these casinos but fuck ups there put you on the express lane to the Prince's shit list. The Prince usually holds court in the O theater at the Bellagio. Most of the Bellagio staff is ghouled by Benedic and simply asking about the unscheduled show will secure entrance to Benedic's provided he is expecting you.

Also, the Prince enforces the general rules common to all Camarilla cities— don't Embrace without permission, don't endanger the Masquerade, don't kill other Kindred. However, there are also some extra, more unusual rules that Prince Benedic has enacted due to the the nature of the city


Do not use your supernatural talents for an edge while gambling.

Money is the only thing people really pay attention to in this city. Casinos use sophisticated mathematical analysis software to scan for irregularities in the flow of money on the floor. As a result, even subtle uses of Disciplines such as Auspex or Dominate at the poker table can eventually invite unwanted scrutiny from the people you're taking money from. Not to mention that Benedic, who has a hand in nearly every major financial transaction that goes on in the city has a vested interested in making sure that none of his upstart subjects get an unfair piece of the pie.

Do not gamble with more than ten million dollars.

Anything more attracts notice. Your face and information will be disseminated among casino hosts, who will start vying for your attention to try to entice you and your money to their casinos. With all their attention, one of them will start to notice some weird things about you. Worst case scenario, the Games commission might start looking into your finances, and if you happen to be considered missing or dead… well, lets just say its no good.

However, unless you're choosing to dress the way you are to slum it with the plebians or something, I doubt any of you will have to worry to much about this rule though.

Do not harm any of the mortal casino and hotel owners or upper level employees.

These people might actually be missed, and the police certainly investigate such disappearances. In the interest of the Masquerade, Prince Benedic extends to them his protection.

Beyond that, the Kindred of Vegas more or less do whatever they want.

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