Character Creation and Maintenance


Two important things:

  1. We are using an alternative ruleset for humanity from one of my source books. There will be no derangements in this game unless you are Malkavian.
  2. Character creation is a little different than described in the World of Darkness Core Rule Book. Please use this page as a guide instead of the corebook.
  3. Go to Mythweaver and start an account. Create a character sheet (under the "Sheet" portion of the site). You're looking for the New World of Darkness character sheet. It should look like this.
  4. Once you have a sheet ready proceed with the following steps. (Additionally you can use the character sheet in the Dropbox. You will just have to reprint it every time you make a change.)
  5. Save all relevant materials to "Characters" folder in the Vampire the Masquerade directory of the Dropbox.

Character Creation

  1. Background. Fill out this questionnaire. Put it in a word document.
  2. Attributes: These are your character's innate capabilities. There are nine of them, sorted into three categories. Physical attributes are Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina. Social attributes are Presence, Manipulation, and Composure. Mental attributes are Intelligence, Wits, and resolve. Prioritize these categories, selecting one to be your primary and another to be your secondary. The remaining category will be your tertiary. See chapter 2 in the WOD core book for more about each attribute and how they are used. You begin with one free dot in each attribute.
  3. Skills: These are your character's learned capabilities. Skills too fall into mental, physical and social. Prioritize the three categories, as you did with your attribute categories. Your skill prioritization need not match your attribute prioritization. See chapter 3 in the WOD core book for more about each skill and how they are used. You begin with no free dots.
  4. Skill Specialties: These are your character's focused areas of expertise: Take three Skill Specialties of your choice. You can assign each how you like, whether each to a separate Skill or all three to a single Skill. There is no limit to how many Specialties can be assigned to a single Skill. See page 54 for the WOD Core Book for details on how skill specialties work.
  5. Virtue: Choose one of the following to be your primary virtue: Charity, Faith, Fortitude, Hope, Justice, Prudence, Temperance. See pg. 100 of the WOD core book.
  6. Vice: Choose one of the following to be your primary vice: Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath. See pg. 100 of the WOD core-book.
  7. Choose Clan and Disciplines: Choose your clan, note your clan weakness, and write down what your clan disciplines are. You begin with one free dot in each of your Clan Disciplines Skip this step if you are starting as human (See below).
  8. Spend Starting XP: See below.
  9. Buy Starting Merits. NWoD's answer to feats. See Chapter 5 for a list of all available merits. Note: All fighting style merits are banned. Sorry wannabe ninjas :(. Some merits may require details. In the Notes section of your character sheet, please explain the merits that you feel require explanation. (For example, if you have the Retainer merit you will need to explain why you have a servant, if he knows you're dead, etc.) Finally, it should be noted that some of the merits in the WoD book assume you are alive, and are thus not allowed. Just use common sense.
  10. Derive advantages: Advantages are derived from your character's Attributes: Defense (the lowest of Dexterity or Wits), Health (Stamina + Size), Initiative (Dexterity + Composure), Humanity (7 for starting characters), Size (5 for most humans), Speed (Strength + Dexterity +5), and Willpower (Resolve + Composure). Note that most advantages cannot be raised directly through experience points. You must instead raise the traits from which they are derived. (Humanity is the exception.)

Experience Points

Here is how you calculate the XP costs to improve your character.

Trait Cost
Attribute New dots x 5
Skill New dots x 3
Skill Specialty 3
Clan Discipline New dots x 5
Other Discipline* New dots x 7
Thaumaturgy (Primary path) New dots x 7
Thaumaturgy (Secondary path) New dots x 6
Thaumaturgy (Rituals) Ritual level x 2
Merit Dots x 2
Blood Potency New dots x 8
Humanity New dots x 3

*How do I get disciplines outside my clan's? Diablerie.

Starting XP

Here is your starting XP. Unused XP from each category is saved and may later be spent in conjunction with XP earned during the game to increase the relevant category. Please make note of how much XP you have left over for each category in the Notes section of your character sheet.


  • 70 XP for primary Attributes
  • 55 XP for secondary Attributes
  • 45 XP for tertiary Attributes


  • 78 XP for primary Skills.
  • 48 XP for secondary Skills.
  • 30 XP for tertiary Skills.


  • 24 XP for Merits.

Vampire characters get a free merit called Blood Potency (•). Mortal characters get this merit automatically upon the Embrace.


  • 30 XP for all Disciplines.

Starting as Human

I'm toying with the idea of maybe having a some of you start as humans who get turned by the end of the first session. Maybe the people who already know some of the lore can be vampires watching potential childer on behalf on an elder? I don't know. If we go with this, consider the following:

  • Pros: You need to know almost none of the lore! You get an extra 30 XP to spend on Skills or Merits!
  • Cons: You can't spend anything on your Disciplines at character creation.

Ask me about this later.

Special Merits

There are a pair of merits that don't quite work like other merits.

Blood Potency

The initial dot of the Blood Potency merit is free for vampire characters. Extra dots of Blood Potency may be bought with XP or taken through diablerie. See Blood Potency for details.


This merit behaves more like a piece of equipment than a merit. The amount of dots you have in it represent the convenience of location and the strength of security at your personal haven. The ST may ask you to add your haven dots to certain rolls (such as trying to sneak something back to your haven or opposing an enemies attempt to find your haven.) You cannot buy more haven dots with experience points, but rather, will receive extra haven dots as story rewards.

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