Shit Gets Crazy

In Character Debriefs

Nick Liaus

Voicemail Transcription:

:cough: Man, what a night, Kowalski. Good thing you were the man with a plan. Man-Plan. Plan man?

Anyway, we got the briefing about taking care of that werewolf while princey-pants talks to the Anarchs. Bright idea ‘bout the luna-thing, broletariat. It took a little talking to get the dark demony fellows to give their blood to those bloody mages, but they gave it up eventually. So we took the luna-whosit and found Glen’s post-wife, and I made her husband return to a life of ale and hookers. Huzzah! He’d be far more jollyatenous afterwards anyway.

So we got this broad back to the batcave, slapped on some werebait, and drove off down to the drop off. I sent an e-mail to ol’ Lon Cheny Jr. (he he) but uh… well lets not fret about that. The point is, we got him down to the hunter’s lair after the rest of us droped off the wolfbait, leading to a tiny kerfuffle when his Miami Vice-ness caused him to chat with the bait and make ‘im chum. Hunters flipped out, someone flipped a car, and general mayhem happened.

Then we decided to… :BEEP:

:click: …and that’s how you defeat the undead. So, you know I had a bad feeling about Chad. I told you that man’s too bromosapien to have all of his tools in the cookie box. After a thrilling chase involving dinosaurs with cowboy boots, we finally tackled him down and let princey-pants know that he can’t trust someone who refuses to wear his or her hat at a non-0 or 180 degree angle.

So, waffles on Satur…:click:

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