It's Complicated


Following the (hilarious) events of the previous night, Prince Benedic tasks the PCs with damage control. The hunters are a threat need to be taken out.

They had two leads: an arsonist was being detained at the Las Vegas Police Department, and a suspicious amount of medieval weaponry was shipped to University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

In their investigations, the PCs found that the hunters were lead to Las Vegas by Marcus Black's well televised victories, and they had somehow come into possession of a fragment of the Book of Nod, detailing the 3rd generation's use of a ritual to cripple the 2nd generation, giving them the power to subdue and diablerize them. If the fragment is authentic, the ritual that may be able to cripple the Kindred of Las Vegas, temporarily raising their Generation and lowering the potency of their blood until they were trivial for the hunters to kill. The details remain a mystery.

Furthermore, over the course of their investigations the players encountered one of the greatest threats to their continued existence the kindred have ever faced:


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In Character Debriefs

Bill Meyers


I realize I was a bit slow to action last time and the Tremere got the drop on me as a result. This time, I assure you, I was quite a bit more proactive. This message is to provide you with a summary of recent events and of my sparkling successes. We began the night with a shift of priorities. The hunters in the city were now “our problem,” and we were directed by the prince to find where they were hiding so that they could be eliminated.

We had two leads. First, there was a large shipment of weapons, swords and the like, sent to the local University. Second, we were told a hunter was taken into custody by the police during the day, after having been found in possession of a van littered with flammable materials and explosives. We decided to investigate the police station first. Upon our arrival we had Nick disable the security cameras in the station from outside using his computer wizardry. Entering, Ashton used his powers to give us free reign of the place. Then something interesting happened. Ashton directed all of us to attend to the imprisoned hunter while he took care of some business. I guess subtly is not is strong suit. I got suspicious and followed him under Obfuscate. In the end only the lumberjack and the Tremere lackey went to the cell. Nick had mysteriously disappeared and I was following Ashton undetected. What happened next was pointless, but incredibly amusing. Upon passing Ashton in the hallway, one of the dudes in the station completely freaked out. Screaming like crazy, he ran headlong down the hallway for a back exit. To my surprise, Ashton followed him, and so did I. Ultimately the man ended up a gibbering mess in an alley and Ashton did not seem at all pleased. I don’t know what that was even about, but it took everything I had not to burst out laughing at how ridiculous the two of them looked. Returning to our actual objective, all of us found that the hunter had killed himself. Or so we thought. Checking the security footage we found what we believed to be another kindred lifting the man from his seat during interrogation with only one hand, seemingly choking him to death. In the end the hunter did commit suicide by cyanide, with this strange man frustrated that he wasn’t able to get answers from the hunter.

We determined that this was a detective that we were told to deal with if possible. His persistent questions were threatening the Masquerade. Why would someone who appeared to be a vampire threaten the Masquerade with choice questions? We decided that, since it was on the way, we would investigate the home of this troublemaker ourselves. Upon arrival the lumberjack used his advanced degree in door busting to send the front door flying from its hinges. It was only after we entered the house that we realized what a fatal mistake that was. Inside we found pictures of the girl we had used to gain access to the penthouse party at the Flamingo the previous night, whom we had subsequently murdered. We also found evidence that the detective wasn’t a vampire at all. He was a werewolf. Spectacular. Since the werewolf apparently suspected the hunters of being involved, and we had recovered hunter paraphernalia from the police station, we came up with an ingenious plot. By using explosives and flammable materials that would no doubt be found in the storage cabinet the dead hunter had a key for, we would burn down the wolf’s house and make it seem as though the hunters did it. Then the wolf would find them quicker than we ever could, and tear through them like a hot knife through butter. Not only could we return to the prince claiming we had “found” the hunters, but also that we had dealt with the problem ourselves. I stayed behind to watch the house while the others went to acquire the goods from the storage cabinet. Unfortunately for me, the werewolf returned. And despite being well hidden and obfuscated, and quite a ways away, he immediately keyed in on my position. Needless to say, I ran away very quickly. I have never been so terrified in my life.

Now, this is the part the others don’t know. I took the opportunity to requisition a car and drive to the University myself. I had been tasked with retrieving a hard drive from a data hub of ours that went dark that was located on campus. I simply walked in and took it, with no problems. That is, until I felt the itching. Persistent and invading, I knew it would threaten my ability to stay hidden. Indeed, it seemed custom tailored for that. Upon returning the hard drive, I asked about it, and was told it was probably an item that the Tremere had. I was not happy.
I was less happy when I arrived at the storage cabinet, only to find all of the other morons involved in a fight with three kindred who had obviously gotten the drop of them. The idiot tremere was spouting fire off everywhere, right next to an open storage facility full of flammable fertilizer. It’s a miracle he didn’t get us all killed. I decided to use the fact that nobody had noticed me yet, and that everyone was currently distracted to try and acquire whatever item the Tremere had that threatened my obfuscate. I tried to pickpocket him. His response? He set himself on fire. Which means he set me on fire too. This eventually almost escalated to us attempting to murder each other right there, but we decided against it considering we had several enemies still surrounding us.
After we took care of the incident at the storage facility, we headed to the University as a group to investigate the hunters. Ashton explained to me on the way that the battle that had just occurred had been between them and three Sabat over an obsidian gilded chalice found in the storage shed. The very same one that had belonged to the prize fighter ghoul we had killed the previous night. Interesting. When we arrived at the University we found that the weapons had been delivered to the wrong place. They were undoubtedly real and lethal, but had been delivered to LARPers, who were just as surprised at how real and lethal they were. Also included with the shipment was a slab that seemed to match the chalice we had found earlier. We took it, and left the LARPers to their revels, tittering at the fact that somewhere a den of hunters had been shipped imitation weapons made out of repurposed pvc pipe.

As we were leaving, we were greeted by the werewolf detective. I nearly shit myself, before realizing that despite apparently having my scent, he still could not see me. I returned to our ride, affectionately named the “pussyvan,” and rejoined Ashton who had spent the entire trip there, complaining that this task had been “beneath him.” Together we drove off leaving the lumberjack, the Tremere, and Nick shit out of luck. If we’re lucky I’ll never have to see that Tremere again. I assume you know the rest of the story from there.

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