Hunk of Burning Love


The game was set in Las Vegas, which is a prominent location for prize fighting—boxing, UFC, and the like. It would not be uncommon for a major championship match to take place in Las Vegas, maybe even an entire tournament, capped off with an extravagant final showdown at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

However, some joker decides he's going to game the system by ghouling some of the fighters, lending them a supernatural edge in the championship. With the amount of attention the tournament draws, this has the potential to be a devastating Masquerade violation. So for obvious reasons the prince is pissed.

Thus the PCs were entrusted with the exceedingly simple task of securing one such ghoul, Marcus Black, and bringing him to an abandoned warehouse where a Tremere warlock would use a ritual to determine the identity of the regnant. The PCs followed black to his hotel room where they got in a knife fight with a half-naked Black, and managed to stuff him in the back of their van. The ritual was to take place in a warehouse instead of at the Tremere Chantry because the other Primogen did not trust the Tremere and demanded that the ritual take place in a neutral location with impartial witnesses (the PCs).

However, the location of the ritual was compromised and hunters interrupted the ritual. Dressed as Elvis impersonators they trap the PCs in a burning warehouse. Luckily the PCs manage to fight them off and Lucian managed to transport Black back to the pyramid and perform the ritual there. The remaining hunters chased the PCs as they tried to drive off.

Props and Ephemera

Clan Quest Letters

In-Character Debriefs:

Ashton Olaster

As requested by yourself, Prince Benedic, enclosed are my evaluations of the other “New Blood”, as it were.

As a whole, the group strikes me as ever-ready for bloodshed, yet never actually prepared for it. I tried to rein them in as best I could, but when one’s subordinates are a Nosferatu and a Tremere that are more engrossed in the Jyhad than in the Masquerade, an eight foot tall Gangrel, and a Malakavian (of any kind), order is more often than not a fleeting wish than it is an attainable state.

On the other hand, such a group was well suited to the task you gave me. They only required the lightest of prodding before launching into reputation-damaging mischief at the Venetian and Flamingo, requiring me to do little more than sit and watch as the Tao suddenly became haunted and the Flamingo was the site of a grisly cocaine-fueled massacre.

If the Nosferatu’s and Tremere’s rivalry is as entertaining to watch on a citywide basis as it was within our little group, then I shall have to pay all the more attention to it. To watch those two work was akin to seeing a pair of jesters slap each other in the face the whole evening.

In regards the Malakavian, I understand his was a fairly typical demeanor for his clan, and he was not too much of a problem before he randomly decided to wander off as we were attacked by hunters. I have yet to determine if it was cowardice or randomness that fueled this decision, but the likeliest answer seems to be that there was a television show he did not want to miss…

As for the Gangrel: though lacking in any ability to be subtle, he fought admirably up until the point where he was set aflame and began frenzying in the middle of a hunter attack. Should he ever recover, I suspect a set of sufficiently thick Kevlar will alleviate further issues with him becoming too injured.

It should be noted however, that during his frenzy, he managed to drain the Tremere of some of his blood before falling into torpor. I understand one vampire drinking another’s blood is of significance.

This concludes my report. I assure you that in the future, I will do my utmost to rein in these fools as best I am able.

Your most loyal protégé,

-Ashton Olaster

Glen Livit

Message to Regent,

A summary of the night's events, as you requested, Madame: having picked out weapons the group proceeded to the ride which the Nosferatu supplied. Which was an incredibly conspicuous van with the picture of a dead cat for "home euthanasia." A true testament to the Las Vegas Nosferatu's ineptitude at stealth, their own specialty.

After we arrived on location, receiving relatively little trouble getting into the club (that damned, cheating Nosferatu just Obfuscated his way in like a baby) I immediately set out to achieve my mission. I located the Nosferatu second in command, O, and mesmerized a mortal into screaming at the beast and giving away his magic disguise. Chaos ensued, and O was sufficiently revealed and embarrassed when word reaches the Prince. Further, property damage, the Prince's protégé's objective was achieved with this mass exodus and was thusly pinned on the incompetent Nosferatu as well.

The group then followed the ghoul as he made his leave, and we tailed his party to the hotel. Easily using dominate skills to get to his room, we made it into his suite and a battle to kill off any witnesses occurred. My shooting abilities swiftly took out two bodyguards and I personally knocked out the target using chloroform. The next stage of the mission was accomplished as the target was dropped off at the pre-determined location. Unfortunately the fiendish Nosferatu agent was able to steal our tome as human hunters ambushed us, stopping me from being able to prevent the theft.

I was able to get some shots off at the human hunters before the Gangrel frenzied and kept me pre-occupied. Apprentice Lucian kept one hunter at bay using his flame magicks (which I need to get my hands on…) and the struggle ended with me feeding to recover blood and discovering the Nosferatu are not only imbeciles but perverts, as the Nosferatu agent tried to join in on my feeding… and it was totally weird. Mission completed, we fled, with more hunters in pursuit; my driving abilities completely dazed them (as all the Nosferatu did was miss at shooting enemy tires) and we made a successful escape.

-A Competent and Loyal Servant of the Pyramid

End of Note

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