Childe of Klaus the Vagrant
Blood Potency: 4
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Sloth

Trager, and the Gangrel at large are in a rather awkward position in the Camarilla at the moment. In 1999, the Gangrel Justicar formally severed all ties with the Camarilla due to their refusal to acknowledge and prepare for the coming of Gehenna, and a substantial number of the Gangrel left with him to throw their lot in with the Sabbat or to establish independent domains away from the city. When 2004, the anticipated date of Gehenna, came and went with little incident, many Gangrel returned to the Camarilla with their tales between their legs so to speak. The Camarilla went without a Gangrel justicar until 2011, when a new Gangrel Justicar was appointed. As a result of this affair the Gangrel are somewhat of a disgraced clan in the Camarilla, despite being one of its founding members.

Trager himself has a somewhat spotty history as well. Trager was a World War 2 veteran who had been the founding member and the president of a outlaw motorcycle club called the Mongrels, based out in the desert surrounding Las Vegas. The Mongrels power and wealth in the ensuing decade resulted in their capturing the attention of a Las Vegas Gangrel named Klaus, who promptly embraced Trager began using his club to distribute highly vampire blood to mortals as a narcotic. Upon discovering this, Benedic had Klaus put to the sun, but grudgingly accepted Trager and his Kindred lieutenants . Despite his leniency the Mongrels quickly began chafing under Camarilla rule, and now form the primary Anarch presence in the Las Vegas area.

But then, in 2004, Prince Benedic called a bloodhunt on a Brujah autarkis by the name of Rothstein. By means unknown, Trager, then a mere ancillae, managed to diablerize Rothstein, who was hundreds of years his elder. Benedic was so impressed with Trager that he offered him a position as his Sheriff, which he accepted. This results in surprise and the anger from his former Mongrel compatriots, and the distrust and suspicion of the other primogen, who remembered the Gangrel's sudden departure a mere 5 years earlier.

Despite nominally being the Gangrel primogen, Trager stays out of the spotlight, only stepping out of the shadows to enforce the Prince's will when the more delicate and subtle touch of the Nosferatu prove to be insufficient. Trager's diablerie of Rothstein is infamous among the Las Vegas Kindred, he sometimes he is able to keep the peace through reputation alone. Trager is weary however, as he knows that many former Mongrels would like retaliation for his betrayal of their Anarch ideals to become the Prince's lapdog.

Many of the other Primogen find Trager rather unsettling, as Trager's presence in Benedic's court raises all sorts of questions: How did an ancillae manage to diablerize an elder? Why was Trager so willing to betray his former Anarch comrades and become sheriff to a Camarilla prince? Why does Benedic seem to trust Trager despite his youth and former allegiances? Both Trager and Benedic are tight lipped on these issues.

Trager makes his haven in the basement many, many floors beneath Benedic's suite, in a garage where he keeps his 1940's era Harley motorcycle.


The diablerie of Rothstein has left Trager potent beyond his years, and he is an immensely capable fighter capable of going physically matching up against the other primogen. However, his relative youth leaves him naive, and he is cannot navigate the Jyhad with as much deftness as say Montrose or Erzsebet. So it would seem, anyways.


Trager does not appear to be very invested in the Jyhad. He and Montrose maintain an amicable relationship, both seeing that the other occupies an equal yet distinct niche and thus not viewing the other as a threat. Of course, this means that Erzsebet would love to see dischord sown between Benedic's left and right hands as it were.

The main faction that would like to see Trager's downfall are the remaining Anarchs of Las Vegas, especially member's of Trager's former gang, the Mongrels.

Notable Childer

None; Trager has simply not existed long enough to find opportunity to sire any fledglings.

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