Childe of the Margaret D'Hautment
Blood Potency: 6
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Envy

The Toreador thrive in Las Vegas, with its glamour and lurid appeal. Las Vegas is where everyone from billionaire celebrities to blue-collar workers come to get indulge their vices. And Sands has styled herself as the purveyor of all these vices, and indeed it is partially through her influence that Las Vegas has grown its reputation as "Sin City," created that "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" culture that has done so much to facilitate Kindred existence and the preservation of the Masquerade in Las Vegas.

Though she may ash you for suggesting so today, Sands was quite the poseur in life, insinuating herself into the salons and teahouses shared by such literary luminaries as Keats, Byron and Shelley, though she herself never had any artistic talent. What Sands did have though, was the charisma, the narcissism, to convince herself and others that she did. If asked, Sands might go so far as to claim that her art was her ability to keep these people, each individually more talented than she, eating out of the palm of her hands.

This "art" is something she continues today, maintaining an extensive network of casino hosts and concierges all throughout the Casino's on the strip. She prides herself on rubbing elbows with celebrities and millionaires, knowing everybody there is to know in Las Vegas. As a result of these connections, Sand's intel often rivals that of Montrose'. If Sands is looking for you, you can't so much as flirt with a cocktail waitress without tipping her off to your location.

Sands has a contentious relationship with Prince Benedic. She envies Prince Benedic's position; in her mind, the image she has cultivated for the city with the Kine has done just as much to promote the growth of Las Vegas and security of it's Kindred over the last century as any of Benedic's back room real estate deals.

Benedic is aware of this envy and is wary of Sands, but must tolerate her for two reasons. First, Sands is very charismatic and popular among the even Kindred not of her clan. Some would say this is primarily because she gets to decry any of Benedic's less than successful decisions with the benefit of hindsight, rather than having to make any difficult decisions herself. However, when she speaks, the Kindred of Las Vegas, even those who don't like her listen. Second, Sands' connections are vital to the Casino industry that Benedic has worked so hard to cultivate. It is Sands' connections and influence attracts the whales (the big multimillion dollar gamblers) to Benedic's casinos.

Sand's makes her haven in an estate in the northern edge of Las Vegas, though she spends many of her nights on the Strip, rubbing elbows with the mortal elite.


Sands' estimation of her own artistic ability was far, far beyond reality even in life, and as Sand's undeath went on, her insight into human emotions and relationships, destroying what potential artistic ability she had. Despite this, Sands labors under the delusion that she is an intellectual and artistic luminary whose genius has only grown with age. Sands is a shrewd manipulator, but it is entirely possible to blindside her by flattering her on her literary ability.


Sand's envy of Benedic's Princehood sours their relationship, and Sands will always mistrust any Kindred she perceives to be allied with Benedic. That is not to say that she will not work with them, it's just that she will expect suitable compensation, or at least be trying to work an angle. Sand also harbors a deep contempt for Montrose and his brood, feeling that the Nosferatu's proper place is in the sewers and out of sight of polite society. This contempt is returned in kind by Montrose, who is unwilling to let some waif who never in her existence knew hardship deny him of the status he has worked so hard to secure. And thus, Sands would be exceedingly pleased to see the Nosferatu knocked down a peg.

Notable Childer

Zib was a Jazz musician from St. Louis who tried to travel to Hollywood hoping to break into the burgeoning film industry working on film scores or maybe even acting. He got sidetracked in Vegas where Sands took a liking to him and Embraced him. Zib is what the Kindred call a cleaver, a Kindred still obsessed with his mortal life. He wonders what became of his family and what the rest of his life would have been like. Zib spends most of his nights under the sky-ceiling in the Venetian, nostalgic for the sun.

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