Childe of Oliver the Black
Blood Potency: 5
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Pride

As the prince's seneschal, Montrose, primogen of the Las Vegas Nosferatu, is acutely aware of the comparatively luxurious position the Nosferatu enjoy in Las Vegas due to his relationship with the prince. Nosferatu in Montrose' good graces need not hope for the opportunity to snatch a homeless person in an alley. Instead, they make a phone call and a ghouled bouncer in a night club will bring some drunk patrons to a "VIP Room" in the back. Instead of hiding their warrens underground as do Nosferatu in other cities, Montrose brood makes an aerie at the top of the Stratosphere tower, surveying all the city and Montrose himself has a private suite in the Bellagio.

In life, Montrose was a Scottish nobleman, soldier and spy during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. Ironically had he and Benedic met in life, they would have been social equals. But now, Montrose must scramble to keep his status by acting as the Benedic's talon from the shadows.

It is Montrose' first priority is to preserve his clan's status in Las Vegas that he and his claim remain indispensible to the Prince. This means two things—keeping Prince Benedic's domain and subjects safe from threats from both in and outside the city, and making sure none of the other Clans ever become more important to the security of Las Vegas than the Nosferatu. And he is incredibly proficient at both of these tasks.

Montrose effectiveness at protecting Las Vegas has two sources. First, is his formidable intelligence network. He has found a way to string together the multi-million dollar security systems in each of the casinos on the Las Vegas strip into a single cohesive network that closely monitors the entire strip (a fact completely unknown to most of the human casino owners and security personnel).

Second is his ruthlessness. In contrast with the sometimes fiery prince, Montrose is a cold and calculating chessmaster-type, who knows when a pawn must be sacrificed in order to make a greater play.

His expertise as Benedic's seneschal has left Montrose very good at making other people's problems go away. If you are in his good graces, he can arrange a "cleaning crew" to deal with that next inconvenient dead body, or that masquerade threatening videotape that you somehow allowed to fall into the hands of the local news station. All without alerting the Prince to your indiscretion. Even among Kindred, Montrose has an exceptional memory when it comes to people owing him favors, however.


Paradoxically Montrose is incredibly vain. He is extremely attached to the luxuries his position as seneschal grants him, wearing designer suits which contrast with his grotesque appearance and drinking blood out of a crystal goblet.


Montrose' desire to safeguard the importance of his clan in Las Vegas puts Montrose, and all allied with him, on a collision course with the Tremere, who are just beginning to establish a foothold in Las Vegas and are attempting to curry the Princes favor so that they would have the Prince's support as they tried to grow their chantry. Given the usual distrust most Kindred have for the Tremere, this proposition involves convincing the Prince of how valuable they'd be to him. Montrose is suspicious of the Tremere, and takes steps to mitigate their influence.

Furthermore Montrose appreciates the finer things and revels in how this offends Sands and like-minded Las Vegas Toreador, who feel that the Nosferatu's presence above the ground sullies their glamorous town. As a result the two have a silent, petty feud, in which each of them try to humiliate each other.

Notable Childer

O - The computer expert that maintains Montrose' impressive security network. O is nostalgic for his human life and has mixed feelings about his kindred existence and as a result, has the unfortunate habit of using Mask of a Thousand Faces to try to socialize with the Kine. He is extremely meticulous and careful, and has never been caught, but Montrose is still uncomfortable with his activities as sooner or later, everyone makes mistakes.

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