Childe of the Gille de Rais
Blood Potency: 7
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Envy

Given the modern image of a vampire as suave, sexually potent personifications of lust, many are surprised by the impotent short fat and balding visage of Kowalski, the Malkavian primogen of Las Vegas. Kowalski is owner of Kitty-Kat Pictures, a pornography studio situated on the northern edge of Las Vegas. There he entertains his visitors typically dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, serving the former blood in martini glasses with little plastic swords. He's good humored, jovial even, and the naive may believe him to be too eccentric and detached to be a major player in the Jyhad.

The details of Kowalski's mortal life are incredibly vague. It is a story that changes each time it is told-one night he have been a Lithuanian potato farmer who fell prey to a wandering Malkavian vagrant, on another, he was an advisor to Ivan the Terrible who was embraced by the non-existant court jester.

In addition to being the oldest and most powerful Malkavian in the city, Kowalski secured his position as Primogen primarily through his ability to see read the motivations of others, to see what makes them tick. His porn business has thrived due to a keen understanding of the Kine's more perverse appetites, and those that try to outmaneuver him in the Jyhad find that his keen understanding extends to the Kindred as well. Rumor is that it is the "Malkavian Madness Network" informing these actions. Whatever the reason, Kowalski has become one of Benedic's most trusted advisors, much to Montrose and Erzsebet's ire.

Not that Kowalski minds, though. Indeed Kowalski seems more amused by the Jyhad than anything, and rather than enacting schemes of his own, he enjoys unraveling the schemes of others.


Despite his countenance, Malkavian blood burns brightly in Kowalski; while he is perfectly lucid, he labors under an obsession with his impotence. No one knows if Kowalski was impotent in life, or interprets his lack of sexual urges in death as impotence, but any Kindred that broaches the subject tends to end up in an ashtray. And for this reason he surrounds himself with porn stars, and is constantly subjecting himself to "remedies" that might "alleviate" his "condition" and generally acts like a dirty old man.


Generally, all the cliques in Prince Benedic's court hold the Malkavians in equally poor regard. Kowalski likes to take the wind out of anyone he thinks is taking themselves too seriously and in Prince Benedic's court, that could be anyone.

Notable Childer

Bubba - No one knows if this is actually Elvis or one of Las Vegas' many Elvis impersonators. Kowalski, his sire, isn't even sure. Regardless of his actual identity, Elvis is always wearing his sequenced jumpsuit and sunglasses, just as The King wore in his prime.

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