Childe of the Maximilian Strauss
Blood Potency: 4
Virtue: Courage
Vice: Pride

Clan Tremere's foothold in Las Vegas is tenuous, and some would think it ironic that The Pyramid chose Erzsebet to oversee the newly founded chantry. Erzsebet is a relatively new vampire, only a little over a hundred years old while the Prince and some of the other primogen range from four to five hundred years old. But what Erzcebet lacks in age, she makes up for in ruthlessness, tenacity, and some would say cruelty.

What little is known about Erzsebet's past points to the following. At some point, as a mortal, she was party to the birth and growth of stage magic, working as an assistant and advisor to Hermann the Great, Chevalier Thorne, and even the famous Harry Houdini. However, as Erzsebet labored under the shadows of these great men, she grew increasingly frustrated with the fact that her gender kept her out of the spotlight. In her search to develop an act that would allow her to be taken seriously, she eventually turned to actual magic, which she used not only to enhance her own act, but also to sabatoge the acts, and sometimes the lives, of her competitors. Her talents and her drive eventually attracted the attention of the Pyramid.

As any Tremere would have to be to advance as far as she has, Erzsebet is dedicated to her clan. But it is her mortal background makes her comfortable with Las Vegas' ostentatious nature and showmanship, affording her a familiarity with the city and it's inner workings that led to her appointment in Las Vegas, as the Pyramid hopes that she can use to her advantage.

Erzsebet and the Las Vegas Tremere keep a Chantry in the Luxor casino, which apparently sits on an intersection of ley lines, a fact important to the Tremere's rituals.


Erzsebet is power hungry. She's a brilliant leader, but it is this ambition that could potentially be her undoing, as it has the capacity to blind her. She will betray and sacrifice anyone to elevate her clan within Las Vegas, and herself within her clan.


The Tremere have never been popular even with their importance to the Camarilla and the Masquerade. As such, the Las Vegas Tremere probably has the tensest and most perilous political position of any clan in the city.

Erzsebet has a special emnity with Montrose, sees her and her chantry as a threat, and rightly so. Both of the Tremere and the Nosferatu are clans of typically low status, who in Las Vegas are elevated and privileged because of their usefulness to the Prince. As such, Erzsebet aims to claim some from the Nosferatu for her own what paltry prestige there is available to both their clans by proving her agents to be more reliable and competent than Montrose'. Sometimes this means contributing to Montrose' efforts in keeping Las Vegas secure, but sometimes it means undermining them. Erzsebet is every bit as shrewd and canny as Montrose, as much as he would like to deny it.

Erzsebet also mistrusts Trager, the Prince's Gangrel sheriff. While the experiments that the Tremere conducted on the Gangrel in their efforts to create the Gargoyle bloodline are far, far before either Erzsebet's or Trager's time, both individuals are still knowledgeable enough about their clan's history to resent each other for it. This distrust, however, does not extend to the members of the clan themselves, and individual Tremere in Las Vegas do not feel any special emnity towards Las Vegas Gangrel.

Erzsebet also envies Sands and Kowalski's ability to bend the Prince's ear, but fears her influence and his mastery of Dementation too much to act on it.

Notable Childer

None. Erzsebet has not found anyone suitable for the Embrace, and likely does not yet have enough favor to be granted permission, even if she were to find a candidate.

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