Benedic, Prince of Las Vegas

Childe of Charlemagne
Blood Potency: 6
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Wrath

Embraced in an era where his nation of birth, Spain, was dominating the entire globe, Prince Benedic is defined by the two things that defined that period of history: greed and hypocrisy.

His greed is exhibited in his involvement in the Las Vegas casino scene. He is a major player, and in some inscrutable game, he orchestrates the rise and fall of towering casinos, and opulence or ruin of their owners. Is there some purpose behind this obsession with wealth, or does he desire it for its own sake? Who knows? All that the other Kindred of Las Vegas know for certain is that he pays keen attention to the money in Las Vegas.

His hypocrisy is shown in the somewhat dysfunction manner in which he rules his domain. For all his Ventrue airs of upholding civility and Benedic is easily slighted and is known to become psychotically angry on a dime. Benedic has been known to keep a suite with a mechanical sunroof, under which he burns any Kindred that cross him inch by inch.

Yet, paradoxically, Benedic runs his domain in a very hands-off manner, and allows each individual Kindred a great deal of autonomy so long as they observe his traditions and acknowledge his authority. Benedic is the quintessential bureaucrat, and if he needs something done, he delegates. He's a bit of a social Darwinist; let the masses bicker and feud and those worth his attention will rise to the top.


Benedic is terrified of technology. Cell phones are magic. Haha the internet? Keep out. Calling Benedic? Call Chad and pass on the message.


The fact that the prince of Las Vegas is Ventrue means that the Ventrue, as a clan, have a great deal of prestige in the city, prestige that the Sands would like for the Toreador. Furthermore, as Prince, Benedic and all allied with him are held in rather poor regard by the Anarchs by default.

Notable Childer

Chad - The frat boy. Chad had been ghouled while still in business school by one of the Ventrue in Las Vegas in a bid to gain control of his wealthy father's assets. However, -something- happened and the scheme all went south, ending with Chad newly Embraced. Benedic refuses to speak about the incident, but it is rumored that a great deal of the Prince's resources were spent cleaning up that mess.
Chad is still adjusting to Kindred existence and the Camarilla, and doesn't see why being dead means he can't still, like, totally bro-down, especially when there's such a sick club scene, brah. Benedic considers Chad to be an embarrassment, but tolerates him because he knows his money and understands modern technology and finances in a way Benedic is sometimes unable to given his age.

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