Vampire: The Masquerade - Viva Las Vegas!

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Hello neonate,

So here's the lay,

Vegas is our kind of town, you see? I honestly believe there isn't a better town in the world to be dead in. The Masquerade is relatively easy to enforce: With Kine working and visiting around the clock, no one notices a few more, and things that might seem odd elsewhere are perfectly normal here. In a “normal" city, people cake notice when you're around every night but don’t actually work, eat or change clothes. In Vegas, it's assumed that you're just another lucky stiff on vacation. When people throw money around in other cities, everyone gets curious. But in Vegas, throwing money around is Standard Operating Procedure. It's all but impossible to look out of place — with so many different outfits, accents and attitudes, a 13th Century Scotsman and a 2nd Century Roman Centurion, both in full garb, can sit and share a drink without anything worse than the occasional, “Which casino do you work at?”

Kindred in Vegas feed with ease. Strange people don't seem so strange here, where staged shows and pyrotechnic displays occur on every street comer. So many Kine come and go that no one notices if a few disappear. Some on the Strip don't care themselves—they came to the city chasing a dream of wealth, only to have Lady Luck spit on them; now they wander, searching for one last chance to hit it big, but knowing the opportunity has already passed. Some turn violent, some suicidal, some become criminals or prostitutes, but most just stumble through life. no longer interested in the scenery. Such people make easy prey. Las Vega does have police, of course, but they're there to make sure no one destroys property or harms another patron—if someone disappears and no one reports it, who's to know?

Vegas is a great place to live forever. So, I need to make sure you don't mess it up for the rest of us.

See, you've died at a weird time. The Kine have, in recent decades, become incredibly fascinated with our kind. Your kind, now. We're pop culture icons, imbued with sublimated sexual repression of a millions of teenage girls and bored housewives. Lucky us. But most of what's in the media about our kind is wrong—we make sure of that. At the behest of Prince Benedic, I've prepared a brief guide to help you sort out facts from the bullshit. Traditionally it would be up to your sire to explain all of this to your dumb ass. Lately, we've seen a rash of incompetence. Sires turning their childer loose on the streets without so much as telling them they might want to avoid the sun. Everyone's losing their heads over the end of the world. We can tolerate no further fuck ups. Like I said, you've died at weird time.

So here's your copy of "Being Undead for Dummies," your remedial course on sucking blood. Read it and read it well; this email won't be here the next time you check.

Because if you fuck up, I'll personally stake you and leave you in one of Prince Benedic's penthouse suites, right beneath the skylight.


Character Creation:

The Rules:

The other bloodsuckers:

  • Benedic - Ventrue, Prince of Las Vegas
  • Montrose - Nosferatu, Seneschal and Primogen
  • Trager - Gangrel, Sheriff and Primogen
  • Kowalski - Malkavian, Primogen
  • Erzsébet - Tremere, Primogen and Regent of the Las Vegas Chantry
  • Sands - Toreador, Harpy and Primogen

Our Campaign:

That's all I got for now. You'll learn the rest as you go.

Welcome to Las Vegas,


Clans and Disciplines


The legacy of the Brujah is one of halcyon greatness marred by their own fiery natures. Theirs was the glory of ancient Carthage, but Ventrue treachery in ancient Rome brought the dream to an end....

A glint of red eyes in the darkness, the scent of a predator’s musk, a flash of fangs, the sound of flesh tearing: These mark the presence of the Gangrel. More than any other Clan, the Gangrel...

Clan Malkavian is twice damned: once by the curse of being Kindred, and again by the turmoil that disturbs their hearts and minds. Upon the Embrace, every Malkavian is afflicted with an insurmountable...

Those who doubt that the Embrace is a curse need look no further than the Nosferatu. Twisted by the mark of Caine, members of Clan Nosferatu are warped by the Embrace into hideous monsters. As such,...

From the Toreador perspective, when the sun fades, darkness gives rise to an eternal and wondrous world. Everything is fraught with wonder and terror, low politics and sensual glories, the profound...

In nights long lost to the passage of time, the Tremere existed, though they were something else. Those early Tremere then made a bargain — or wrought a spell, or any number of other harrowing methods...

Throughout history, while the other Clans have skulked about their petty intrigues, the Ventrue have curried favor with Caesar, whispered into the ear of Charlemagne, bankrolled the Age of...


Although most look human, all the Kindred conceal within them a feral predator, a Beast that divides all others into only two categories: threat or prey. Some Kindred feel their affinity with the...

This potent Discipline grants a character superlative sensory capabilities. At the lowest levels, it sharpens a Kindred’s mundane senses. As one progresses in mastery, entirely new avenues of insight...

Tales and legends of vampires ascribe to them inhuman speed, the ability to move faster than the eye can see, and even to appear in two places at once. While some of those accounts are exaggerated,...

Dementation is the Discipline that allows a vampire to focus and channel his madness into the minds of those around him. Though it’s the natural legacy of the Malkavians, practitioners of Dementation...

Some Kindred are capable of overwhelming the minds of others with their own force of will, influencing actions and even thoughts. Use of Dominate requires a character to capture a victim’s gaze. The...

One of the most legendary powers of the undead is the ability to attract, sway and control the emotions of others, especially those of mortals. Majesty is perhaps the most versatile of Disciplines,...

Obfuscate is the uncanny ability for Kindred to conceal themselves from sight, sometimes even in full view of a crowd. An Obfuscated vampire doesn’t actually become invisible, however — rather, he is...

Protean allows the Kindred the mystical ability to manipulate his physical form. Some vampires believe the power stems from a heightened connection to the natural world, while others consider it to be...

Legends abound of vampires who are able to withstand even the most brutal punishment to their unliving forms. While all Kindred possess a certain degree of the toughness of which these tales speak,...

Thaumaturgy encompasses blood magic and other sorcerous arts available to Kindred. The Tremere Clan is best known for their possession (and jealous hoarding) of this Discipline. The Tremere created...

Nearly every vampire legend across the globe expresses the preternatural strength possessed by the undead. In truth, not all Kindred possess such inhuman might, but the Discipline of Vigor makes those...

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